Here are few excuses why not to do Boudoir Photos that I hear all the time.

March 14th, 2018



You’ve heard the words “Boudoir Session”, but what exactly is a boudoir photography session? Should you or shouldn’t you get one done?

Here are few excuses I hear from women about why they will not or should not do it.

1.I need to lose weight first

This is the most common excuse I hear for why someone won’t book a boudoir session. This photo session is about so much more than just the shape of your body. It’s my job to make you comfortable so I can capture your genuine laugh, the sparkle in your eyes, and all the other quirks that make you “YOU”. Besides, professional make up, expert posing, lighting, lens choice, wardrobe, and image composition will having you looking slimmer than you have ever thought possible! You are not defined by your size, so don’t let it keep you from feeling good about the incredible woman you are.

2. I’m to old for that.

 The more years you’ve lived, the more you have to celebrate!

There is a certain sensuality and confidence that comes only with age, and even though you may not be as toned or taut as you once were – it honestly couldn’t matter less.

I will guide you through wardrobe selection and posing that will highlight your best assets and capture that firey spunk that has only gotten stronger with age!

3. I don’t do lingerie.

Who said you need lingerie? As I mentioned above, the best outfits are those that are true to your identity. If lingerie isn’t your thing – let’s figure out what your version of “sexy” is. Maybe it’s your man’s oversized dress shirt and tie on your womanly figure – or maybe it’s just big sweaters and socks..

And you really can’t go wrong with the basics – a white T-shirt or a black dress can be as sexy as thigh highs any day.

4. I’m just not “sexy”

 Not a single woman comes into my studio knowing how to “look sexy” for their boudoir shoot. This will be the most guided experience of your life. It’s not your job to know how to pose; it’s my job to know how to coach you.

If you bring me your authentic self and a few of your favourite items of clothing, I will show you how wonderful you look!

5. I don’t have anyone to give it to

While some women do book a shoot to give as a gift to their partner, fiancée, every woman agrees after doing the session that it was actually a gift to herself.

This shoot is really only about one person – YOU.

6. I don’t want my pictures on the internet. 

I take your privacy very seriously, and only post images with 100% consent of my clients. I understand that doing a boudoir shoot is an incredibly personal endeavour, and you are in complete control of where your images exist after your photo session.




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