I am so happy you are here!

I prefer to let my work speak for itself, but there is a great chance you are here because you want me to capture your wedding, engagement or portraits.

In 2015 my husband Matt (my second photographer) and I decided to broaden our horizons and move from Europe (Slovenia/Croatia) to Canada, where I started my carrier as a full time wedding photographer.

In June and July 2024 I will be spending more time back home and I am booking weddings/elopements and couple session in my old backyard in Italy, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia.

I have a Bachelor's Degree and I am licensed professional Civil Engineer designer but after 15 years working in that field I decided to do something more creative, artistic and meaningful.

What was before only my side job and hobby, I changed to full time. Photography.

I couldn't escape my background completely therefore I also do Interior Photography and Interior Design. Creative, right.

Matt and I are in love in life, in love with people, objects, subjects, nature,… New places, old places, wedding rings and silly faces…and of course our two Boston Terriers.

In the last 15 years I have been fortunate enough to travel the world to document weddings, nuptials and made memories to last a lifetime.

I do what I do because I really Love and enjoy it!

There is no greater gift than love seeing my clients happy with memories we captured. That makes me grow and pushes me learn more and be better!

One of the best compliments I received from my clients is that they fell like we know each other forever.

While I do my best, that my work breaths with emotions, dreams and a lot of Love, using my background in art, architecture and design, I also don’t want to just give you photos, I want to give you works of art that communicate the essence of who you are, that tell stories beyond what you see, and to give you valuable memories, which can’t never fade and become something for everyone to forever treasure.

Can't wait to meet and chat with you!

Few things about me/us:

* I fluently speak: English, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, and do my best with German, Italian and French.
* We love DOGS! Yes, bring them to your photo session!
* We love to hike, especially if there is a view at the end lol
* We are both from Mediterranean so sailing, surfing etc it is our thing.
* We both love to cook!
*I dislike when people say: "These turned out so good!" I take it to personal (read: Like I was no where involved and yes my camera did everything by itself)
* I am a Nikon Girl, but Sony is not so bad either lol

Maia (originally Maja).

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