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Meet Us

We prefer to let our work speak for itself. But there is a great chance you are here because you want us to capture your wedding, engagement or lifestyle photos. That’s why you deserve to know a little bit about us and m2s Photography.

We’re in love… In love in life, in love with people, objects, subjects, nature,… New places, old places, wedding rings and silly faces…

In 2015 we decided to broaden our horizons and moved from Europe to Canada.

In the last 15 years we have been fortunate enough to travel the world to document weddings, nuptials and made memories to last a lifetime.

Today we are destination wedding and lifestyle photographers available worldwide, but mostly Canada and all across Europe. We photograph weddings and ensure your first day as a husband and wife is etched in your hearts as the best day of your lives.

MAJA (pronounced Maia)


Chocolate, coffee, flowers in my home, all sorts of cheeses, biking every Saturday to food market with Jimmy and Matt by my side, architecture, minimalism, dogs, taking portraits of people, traveling, smell of coconut sunscreen, sea salt on my skin, wind surfing, long summer evenings, sound of crickets in the summertime, instrumental/jazz music, cooking, wine, nordic design, smell of freshly cut grass, summertime.


- I finished University for Professional Civil Engineer and Interior Designer,
- My favourite Tv series ever are Friends,
- I am dreaming of living by the sea (ocean) again,
- I am photographing weddings for more then 15 years,
- I had my first photo camera when I was just 1 year old, my father is a photographer as well and he bought it to me.



Coffee, sailing, architecture, making people laugh, ice-cream, playing golf and tennis, smelly cheeses, French cuisine, minimalism, eggs Benedict, traveling, home made bread, the sea, watching movies outdoors on long summer evenings, the sound of crickets in the summertime, live music, cooking, wine, nordic design, astronauts, airports, straight lines and beautiful fonts.


- I am photographing weddings with Maja for 8 years now and designing custom made homes together with Maja (MSpace Homes),
- My favourite tv series ever is Seinfeld,
- I am an Architect, that is why my photos have to have straight lines,
- I used to play Hockey,
- I love Ice cream,
- I am dreaming about that day, I will sail around the globe with my sailboat and try to persuade Maja to go with me .

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