Whenever we travel to a new city to do the engagement, elopement or wedding photos, we always do the investigation before. The key thing is to talk with your couple if they have any special location connected to them or just a wish where they want photos to be taken. And if they don’t and you don’t have either Mr. Google can help you:)

Before we had our first engagement photo session in Vancouver, BC, I asked our couple if they have any desired location and after my good friend Jill, that lived there for few years and is in love in the city. Together we found some very mystical and beautiful spots.

But here are few thing that you need to consider to have perfect engagement photos at the right location.


Choosing a location that suits you

The goal of an engagement photo session is to get to know me as your photographer, to learn prompts from each other that will help you fall into place on the wedding day, and at the end and the most important, to personify what your love looks like.

Think about what works for you as a couple. It doesn’t have to be a conceptual art project, but I find it helpful to choose something you’re drawn to. Coffee lovers? Find a coffee shop that has tall windows on two sides of the building for you to cuddle near. Homebodies? Consider an in-home session showing you cooking a meal together.

The sun moves

Do you remember those glory, beautiful sunset photos?

If you have that privilege to live at the west coast, then you are at the perfect location for those romantic. beach, sunset photos at the golden hour. But those can be done pretty much anywhere else. Beach excluded:)

If you’ve selected two locations that require travel between them that the commute time means you may have to start a bit earlier than golden hour and miss a lot of it to travel between the two places.

The cool thing about engagement sessions is that they’re pretty flexible, schedule wise. It’s really just about showing up when you’re supposed to!

Matching clothing to locations

A beach session with a business suit?

If what you want to show is an autumnal, outdoors session, aim for a time at the end of the peak of foliage, head into a forest with plaid, wellies and jackets. If you want something romantic and warm, consider a flowing dress that allows for a lot of movement and aim for a location that may have a bit of wind, like a beach or a field.

Be aware of reschedule policies

Ask yourself what you feel comfortable with, too. If your photographer sticks with the date regardless and you need an indoor back up plan, look up photo policies at local museums, find a coffee shop or library. Or if your photographer says “let’s grab some umbrellas and wellies and do this thing” that could be perfect, too, even if it means putting the glittery dress away and bringing out some brightly colored cardigans or socks to make colors pop on an otherwise soft lit, cool toned day.

Dog friendly locations

If you would like to bring your dog to the engagement photo session (and I am 100% for this) we need to find a beach or park that allows dogs off leashed. Having a friend or family member pick up your pet can be a huge help half way though the session. Let’s be honest. Their patience for posing is very little  But we love dogs and they are very welcome to any of our sessions!

Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes

When scouting your location. be aware of the effort it takes to get to the location and be aware that this could mean walking miles up a mountain or standing precariously like a baby goat.

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