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Bridal Photo session

There’s this certain smell of the misty air when you climb up those few steps to see that “Twenty Dollar View”. It’s more like a million dollar view, but the iconic image of Moraine Lake and the Valley Of The Ten Peaks was used on the back of Canadian twenty dollar bills issued between 1969 and 1979.

We are (photographers), often spoiling our clients with wrong sets of expectations. Often stating a delivery of hundreds of photos, book pages or hours, desperately trying to numerically express our value to gain their interest. And I don’t think I have to emphasize that, I lose my will for photographing them if they try to negotiate with me.  If you are one of us you have probably heard that phrase “…but I only need two photos… for a 4 hour drive to that location”. It’s wrong. Art has no numerical value and can’t be compared. It’s absolutely subjectively perceived. My work is the best to some and the worst to others at the same time, and that’s natural.

Numbers aren’t important in this story. We have to add meaning to the images we produce. To have a wonderful shot is one thing. To hold a meaningful image is another, but to combine both is really special. So here we were. Couple of Friends doing something for another Friend, that she truly wanted. And for those of you that know me, you know that you don’t need to ask me twice, to have an awesome photo session for someone that truly appreciate my work. Our work. We did it together and had an amazing day!


Makeup artist & Model: Sabi (Makeup by Sabirah)

Jewerly: Zadajewels

Bouquet: Corintiaflowers

Photo: Maja (M2S Photograpy)

Video: Matt (M2S Photography)

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