Hastings Lake Gardens, Alberta

I remember waking up that Friday with my thoughts rushing like crazy. I honestly never had so much things on my mind before the wedding day or even on the day itself. I do have that pleasant, nervous feeling of anticipation, every time, but that is normal. That thing makes me create. But that Friday was different.

Smoke from British Columbia wild fires, covered almost the whole town and surrounding areas. Strong wind was expected and warnings for spending limited amount of time outdoor, were all over the news. And for me photographing outdoor wedding in circumstances like this, was something completely new. I can handle rain, snow, etc. But smoke?

When I saw them, that morning, Meagan and Marc were extremely calm. Mark was enjoying his hot shave with his groomsman and Meagan her time with her girls. My worries instantly vanish into thin air or “Wie eine Seifenblase zerplatzen” (Burst like a soap bubble). 🙂 They didn’t allow smoke and temperatures over 35 degrees, ruin their day. And how right they were!

Their venue location was at gorgeous Hastings Lake Gardens, place so magical and smokeless.

Having  strong, honest and open relationship with our clients is the most important thing we can give them. They are inviting us to be a part of their special day and we should be very honoured to be there. Therefore in certain circumstances  we have to be able to make them calm and relaxed. But at the end we are all just humans. We both have a big task that day and we should support and help each other through.

I look at this connections not as a business transaction but more as friendship. At the end, I am capturing their special day and making memories they will have forever. It is a big responsibility and maybe it is just me, but I need to have that klick between us when we meet.

Let’s begin.

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