Winter Engagement/ Couple Photo Session

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In Canada during November and December we experience quite a decent amount of snow. I can’t say that I am a big fun of it, but I do love to take photos in it. So why not embrace a winter wonderland with winter engagement photos?

Festive, seasonal, and even holiday-inspired, a wintery engagement session is the perfect option for couples seeking an added touch of enchantment to their photos.

For most of our couples that are getting married in the Spring or Summer, this is great opportunity to have their engagement photos taken in the snow.

Here are few our tips how to execute flawless winter engagement photos.

Warm up to these ideas that will inspire you to embrace the most wonderful time of the year.

1. Location

Pick an Extra-Wintery Location. Wait until there’s a considerable amount of snow on the ground, and be sure to schedule a few back-up dates in case of a blizzard or sudden melt.

Pine trees really add to an image because they contrast so much with the white snow, Pine needles and bark have great texture, which pulls the viewer into the image. We love working in the mountains, where the slightly cooler temperatures mean that the snow’s more fresh and fluffy. In case you can’t make it to the Rockies, winter sessions downtown can be just as stunning. City and holiday lights will also add some beautiful bokeh in the background.

Paired with a chic winter outfit, an urban setting can really highlight the season.

2. Outfits

My favourite tip for clients is to wear layer cozy knits, like a sweater or a cowl scarf, grab a bright winter coat, and put on a pair of fingerless gloves. Winter accessories can be really cute, plus, it makes more sense visually to be dressed for winter if you’re being photographed in the snow! Pack a bag of hats, scarves, gloves, hand warmers and a change of socks/clothes.

3. Take Breaks

Even if you’ve layered up with sweaters and scarves, you might want a few minutes to pop inside to warm up. Having a little hot cocoa is a great way to reenergize.” It can make for great photos too! Head to the cutest coffee shop in town and grab a seat by the window.

4. Hope for Snow 

Falling snow creates a lovely, romantic feel, as well as a really beautiful light. Since you can’t necessarily time your engagement session with a snowstorm, create the same effect by having someone throw fresh snow up in the air over you. 

5. Enjoy 

Don’t forget to enjoy. Despite the cold weather, the purpose of this photo session is to remember why you are doing it at the first place. Maybe this is the last photo session in the snow you will have with your soon to be wife/husband.

And at the end why not make a nice holiday card from the photos you receive or a “Save the Date” ?

Through November and December we will be booking couple/engagement photo sessions and to make your wedding planning or holiday cards making easier, we will include 10 Holiday Photo Cards with envelops in this offer.

Interested? Send us your email and we can chat more 🙂

Winter Couple/Engagement Photo sessions

45 min long  photo session

35 digital images available in online gallery to download in full size

10 Fine Art Prints Holiday or Save the date Postcards with Envelops

Value: $300

*For Holiday cards we are booking sessions until December 9th, in order for you to receive and send your cards before Christmas and New Years eve. 

**For “Save the Date” cards please book before December 15th, 2019 and reserve your spot in November, December or January 2020. Until we have some snow outside 🙂 

***A deposit of $150 is due in order to reserve your spot. Reminder is due on the date of your session.

****If you booked us as your wedding photographers your photo session is complimentary. If you want to order cards fee is $50. 

*****Bring your friends, both of you receive 35% discount off this package







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