Pre wedding/ Engagement photos are very useful for you and us as your wedding photographer. Read more to find out why.

March 13th, 2018




All our wedding packages include complimentary pre-wedding (engagement) photo session. And often we receive clients reply that they simply don’t need it. Really?

I will try to explain to you why we always highly suggest you do it!

Pre-wedding photo sessions can seem like another thing on your already long list of pre wedding To Do’s, but you can’t afford to skip out on this very important step.

Think of your pre-wedding photo session as a trial run for your big day. Having an unfamiliar person waving a huge camera around you on probably the biggest day of your life so far is daunting for you, and your partner. Your wedding day shouldn’t be your first experience with professional photography.

Authentic images are a two-way street. You need a proffessional photographer, but you also need to be open and comfortable. There’s no amount of prompting or Photoshop trickery that can make you look relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. We have a special process that helps set the mood for genuine moments to happen, but it takes experience on your part to really let go, be yourself and feel comfortable, even vulnerable, in front of the camera. Matt has a few jokes in his sleeve just in case 🙂


Every couple is so different and your pre-wedding gallery gives us a baseline to discuss what is the most important to you on your big day. What are your favourite images, poses, and moments? Communication is critical to the process. We are always up for hearing about what you loved the most, and least during your session.

There’s no better time to see how your wedding day hair and makeup will photograph. Booking your pre-wedding photo session for the same day as your beauty trial will not only make for polished pre-wedding photos, but you’ll get to see exactly what your makeup artist means when she says “Yes this is what “natural” looking makeup for photography looks like.” They are experts when it comes to what makeup and hair needs to look like to highlight your best features. It’s the perfect time to let them work their magic and see just how your hair and makeup will photograph on your big day.

Did I mention it’s fun! Seriously, fun!

Think of your pre-wedding photo session like planning a date… and you have a pretty cool third and fourth wheel:) If your dates are staying in with pizza and a movie, let’s do that. Drink on a downtown patio? Yes perfect. Hike to the top of a mountain? Hell yes we’ve got bear spray. Go sailing? We are there!:) Bonus if you feel like bringing a gorgeous dress and suit and walk on the streets of downtown…We will follow you and be your paparazzi.:)

Your wedding is important to us, and we often find we become friends with couples before it’s over, so let’s start that way. Let’s make memories while having fun!

Are you ready? Let’s do this!!!

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