When we were living in Europe, we could pack our bags and drive to Venice, Vienna, Split, Dubrovnik, Milan, Florence, etc just for a weekend. Or fly to London, Barcelona, Valencia, Paris etc.  But here it’s a different story. 🙂

Our October trip to New York happened so fast, I didn’t quite comprehend I was there, until two days after we got back. We wanted to see too many tourist attractions in 4 days, as we always do, but we quickly gave up. Waiting in a traffic jam does that to you. And now we have a reason to go back some day 🙂


Photos above:

-Rockefeller Centre

-Empire State Building

-Central Park

– Solomon Guggenheim Museum

– Brooklyn Bridge

– View on Manhattan Bridge

– Flatiron Building

– Word Trade Centre memorial

– Gothic Bridge (Bridge no. 28)

– New York Stock Exchange


– Statue of Liberty




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