Choosing your wedding makeup artist for your wedding day is so important as choosing your dress, shoes and photographer.

Your wedding day is one of the biggest and most memorable days of your lifetime, so make sure you take time and choose wisely.

As a photographer I have worked with several makeup artist and to help you with your decision about MUA, I have asked few of them to answer some questions about them and their work.

I love working with all of them! They are very professional at what they do, creative, helpful with suggestions and very easy to work with. But most of all. Clients love them!

Joline Lemke from Lily Grey Artistry

1.    Why did you choose to be a makeup artist?

I always wanted to be a makeup artist but I took the conventional route and went for my Business degree. Once I had my daughter I knew I didn’t want to go back to work. I took a part time job at MAC cosmetics. I have since left MAC and Lily Grey Artistry is now my full time job. I absolutely love what I do and my whole heart and soul go into my business.

2.    When Bride comes to you do you have a meeting with her about her wishes?

I highly recommend that every bride goes for a trial. Your wedding day is not the best time to experiment with makeup looks. At your trial we will go over makeup looks that you like and perhaps looks you don’t like.

3.    What do you usually want to know about the bride and her wedding day? Do you want to know what her hair will be like, her wedding dress, what photos (style) does she like, décor, venue, etc.

I will also ask to see photos of your dress, what your florals will look like, etc. These will help me to put together a look that is perfect for you!

4.    Are you available to travel?

Yes, I am a fully mobile service (extra fee).

5.    Do you work on location or just in the studio?

Most of the time I work on location. For trials and single appointments I do them out of my home.

6.    What kind of prep does the bride need to do before the trial/wedding?

Please make sure that your skin is clean and exfoliated before your trial as well as your wedding makeup application. It is really important to drink plenty of water so your skin is hydrated!

7.    Do you have photos of your previous wedding makeup work?

Absolutely! All my work can be found on my website as well as my Facebook and Instagram pages.

8. What kinds of products do you use and why?

I only use high end makeup products. Some brands include MAC, Natasha Denona, Becca, Anastasia of Beverly Hills. It is up to the client to express any allergies or skin sensitivities to any known products.

9. What will you do to make her makeup last and look great in photos?

I ensure that your skin is prepped and primed. I also use a makeup setting spray. I do recommend that my clients bring blotting papers or a face powder to touch up with. And it is always a good idea to have a lipstick or gloss with you.

10. Do you usually do bridesmaids’ or family members’ makeup as well?

Yes! Most bridal parties range from four to six ladies. This includes, the brides, bridesmaids, and the mothers.

11. How do you suggest what kind of a bridal look should the bride choose?

I always tell my brides that I want to create a more glammed up version of themselves. It is important to note that the camera will pick up redness and discoloration more then anything else but it also dulls everything by 30%. So for these reasons it is important to go with a bit more makeup then you are used to. Trust me, you will be thankful when you receive your photos back.

12. And what happens if you suddenly get ill before the wedding? Do you have a replacement?

Makeup artists always need to show up for the job. It would have to be pretty detrimental for us not to. However, if something were to happen I do have a number of artists that I could contact.

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