Choosing your wedding makeup artist for your wedding day is so important as choosing your dress, shoes and photographer.

Your wedding day is one of the biggest and most memorable days of your lifetime, so make sure you take time and choose wisely.

As a photographer I have worked with several makeup artist and to help you with your decision about MUA, I have asked few of them to answer some questions about them and their work.

I love working with all of them! They are very professional at what they do, creative, helpful with suggestions and very easy to work with. But most of all. Clients love them!

I was working with Sabirah on several occasions. First one, was her sister in law engagement and her wedding. And not so long ago we did a big Beauty Photo Project together, and I can honestly say that her work is really a masterpiece.

Here it is “How to choose your makeup artist” Vol 2 with:

Sabirah Allinoor from Makeup by Sabirah

1.    Why did you choose to be a make up artist?

I’ve always loved art, and when I started learning to do makeup, my creative talents helped me to strive as a makeup artist. I  envision faces as the blank canvas, and makeup as the medium!

2.    When Bride comes to you do you have a meeting with her about her wishes?

A bride will usually book a trial beforehand to get an idea of what her makeup will look like on her big day. She usually books this anywhere from a couple months in advance, to the week before her wedding! I will ask her questions about her skin type, preferences on makeup looks and colors, and go through lots of inspo pics! I love inspo pics. This will ensure that the bride is happy and less stressed while doing her makeup on the day of!

3.    What do you usually ask her? Do you want to know what her hair will be like, her wedding dress, what photos (style) does she like, décor, venue, etc.

I  like to have an idea of what style the bride is going for, whether it be boho style (soft makeup with loose curls), or more glamorous! (Extra sparkles! Big updos)! The style of makeup often differs depending on the cultural background of the bride, this will give me a good idea of what the bride is usually going for.

4.    Are you available to travel?

Yes! I often travel to client’s homes to make it easier on their big day. It is less stress for the bride when her makeup artist can come to her, and glam her in the comfort of her own home.

5.    What kind of prep does the bride need to do before the trial/wedding?

I always tell brides to ensure their face is clean before I begin applying makeup, a good skincare routine is important to upkeep prior to your wedding. This will ensure your skin is looking it’s best on the day of! We have all have experienced those breakouts due to stress. So you want to make sure your skin is happy so you can look and feel your best! I love putting a face mask on my brides on the day of the wedding prior to make up, to help them relax, and to help rejuvenate their skin to give it a beautiful glow!

6.    Do you have photos of your previous wedding makeup work?

Yes I do! I love photographing my brides! I also have pictures given to me by photographers who tirelessly capture every beautiful moment of the brides big day. I love seeing my work come to life the way it does when a photographer captures the perfect moment.

7.    What kinds of products do you use and why?

I use a huge range of products, all depending on the skin type and skin tone of the bride. Not everyone’s skin is the same and this is important to consider when doing a Client’s makeup. For example, different primers can be used prior to makeup application for oily skin or for dry skin, there are also different setting sprays for both types of skin. These products will ensure that makeup stays on all day and stays looking it’s best for photos and in person. I always use both primer and setting spray.

8.    Do you usually do bridesmaids’ or family members’ makeup as well?

Yes! I love when I am able to glam a full bridal party, or the mother/sister’s of the bride. Being a part of a bride’s special day is already a huge honor, getting to glam her guests as well makes it all the more fun when doing the brides makeup. Having close ones with her definitely creates a fun environment while getting glammed.

9.    How do you suggest what kind of a bridal look should the bride choose?

I will suggest ideas based off her style of dress or hair do. Most importantly, what the bride is comfortable in, a lot of brides come to me that never wear makeup, and for these brides I do not want to make them feel like they’re a different person on their big day, they tend to appreciate beautiful soft glam that accentuates their natural features. I also have brides who love all the bling uf glitter eyelids and long lashes and that is always fun to do!

10. And what happens if you suddenly get ill before the wedding? Do you have a replacement?

I have yet to get sick before a bride’s big day, fingers crossed !! When it comes to the business of being a makeup artist, you must be present. You are a huge part of the bride’s big day and it is important that she can count on you to deliver. I tend to eat a little healthier and drink a lot more water prior to weddings where I am starting at 5 am doing a full bridal party, because I need to be alert and ready to go!

11. You probably do make up for other special occasions, like engagements, parties,… Which one is your favourite and why?

I do makeup for weddings, engagements, birthdays, photoshoots, bridal showers, you name it! I definitely love doing makeup of all sorts because no matter what the occasion, someone is putting trust in me to help them look their very best, and that in itself excites me! Lately though, I have really enjoyed doing makeup for photoshoots, mainly because I will stay and watch my client come to life in front of the camera, I love seeing beautiful people show off their confidence and being able to see the photographer capture the moment so perfectly. It’s all very magical!

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