Brian Philip Jovellanos

Airbrush Makeup Artist

Choosing your wedding makeup artist for your wedding day is so important as choosing your dress, shoes and photographer.

Your wedding day is one of the biggest and most memorable days of your lifetime, so make sure you take time and choose wisely.

As a photographer I have worked with several makeup artist and to help you with your decision about MUA, I have asked few of them to answer some questions about them and their work.

Our paths crossed for the first time at Susan and Thomas’s wedding in 2016. We met again on Chantel and Ian’s wedding in 2017 and since then we did quite a few projects together.

I really, love to work with Brian. When doing various projects, styled sessions or referring MUA to your bride, I want to be surrounded by professionals.  I really don’t want to spend time with editing Bride’s eyelashes that are not in place, because MUA didn’t glue it properly, etc. And this is just one of the reason. The most important thing is that they need to enjoy what they do, be creative, helpful with suggestions and easy to work with. And all these qualities he possess. But most of all. Clients love him! And guess what! He uses airbrush! I have to be honest. Before I met him had no clue that this thing exists in makeup world, as well.


Airbrush Makeup Artist

1.     Why did you choose to be a make up artist? 

I grew up in a salon environment my mother being the owner.  She was in cosmetics at that time and at a very young age like 8 years old I was her merchandizer of her products.   I believe I am a natural makeup artist.

2.     You use airbrush makeup. What is the biggest difference between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup?

AIRBRUSH is a speedy way of makeup application although learning it is intensely difficult.  Airbrush is more refined than traditional makeup and appears better in photos.

3.     When Bride comes to you do you have consultation with her?  

CONSULTATION is the key to success, it involves color swatching, skin tests and other analysis for the brides makeover.  Face charting is performed during this session. Usually A one hour consultation costs $50 which is an initial deposit to the final bill.

4.     What do you usually want to know about her wedding day? Do you want to know what her hair will be like, her wedding dress, what photos (style) does she like, décor, venue, etc.

Hair design, colour motif, dress design and neckline, flash photography, black & white, are the essentials details needed by a makeup artist.  Those details help me come up with a good plan.

5.     Are you available to travel?

Yes.  Rates vary sometimes depending on the location.

6.     How long does it take to do makeup with airbrush?

If skin is not problematic, 30-35 minutes will be ideal if there is no interruption.  That includes lash application.

7.     Do you work on location or just in the studio? Can you make makeup outside (park,etc) with airbrush or do you need some specific location?

I have a studio with lighting.  Outdoor is fine with airbrush application as long as it is not windy.  High humidity level may affect the performance of airbrush makeup.

8.     In your opinion do you clients prefer airbrush over traditional makeup?

YES.  Same with photographers too.  AIRBRUSH can give a more natural finish and better coverage than traditional makeup.

9.     Do you do a makeup trial and if you do, how long before the wedding you do it?

YES.  Ideally at least a month ahead.  Some clients do it a year ahead and same day would be a photoshoot.  Trial makeup is available on weekdays only.

10.     Do you prefer if bride brings her veil/accessories to the trial?

It is not necessary to put them on but for planning reasons bringing them can be helpful.

11.  What kind of prep does the bride need to do before the trial/wedding makeup with airbrush?

SKIN CARE is ideal for airbrushing as a preparation step.

12.  What kinds of products do you use and why?

It depends with the skin type of the client.  Products must match skin type for best results.

13.  What will you do to make the clients makeup last and look great in photos?

I use various skin prepping that would make the makeup last up to 16hours without touch up.  In my 24-year experience in makeup artistry I have developed the best combinations of products for durability.  Unfortunately I do not share those combinations as they are my trade secrets.

14.  Do you usually do bridesmaids’ or family members’ makeup as well?

YES.  I make a schedule so everyone knows their appointment times.  Scheduling is based on their functions and duties to make them efficient in assisting the bride.

15.  How do you suggest what kind of a bridal look should the bride choose?

Though every bride has a preference what to look like,  I prefer a timeless hair and makeup style.  Something that would still be appealing even if the photos are seen 20 or more years later.

16.  And what happens if you suddenly get ill before the wedding? Do you have a replacement?  

A back up artist would be provided… though I have never been sick prior to a commitment.  Hope it never happens.

17.  You probably do make up for other special occasions, like engagements, parties,… Which one is your favourite and why?

I also like doing fantasy and halloween makeup.   I am also planning to do body painting using theatre makeup and airbrushing.  Engagement parties are also welcome!  Honestly its hard to tell which one is my favourite, but definitely I enjoy transforming faces.

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