September 9th, 2017


Edmonton, AB

Question I ask myself before I go and publish any of our work anywhere is often: Why am I publish this?, Who will I attract with this?, What will our other clients think of this?.

One of my colleague told me once, that being yourself instead of chasing someone’s tail is the way to go. Not every wedding is the best one in terms of light, weather, details, venue or whatever else I was expecting from that day.

But – honestly – this one was exactly what I wished for!

I love every photo Matt and I took. I truly enjoyed every second. Bride and Groom were gorgeous, weather was perfect, we even had firefighters with us. And a lot of them! Wedding day filled with happy tears, joy and laughter. And this is why I am publishing it. This is what we do and we are doing it with love! For them and for you!

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