July 8th, 2017


Stony Plain, Alberta

Lately in the wedding photography industry everybody is talking about dream clients. Who are they, where can you find them, what do I have to do to attract them, etc.

Our dream client is a client that appreciate our work. The work you put into before the wedding, during and after. After all, our work doesn’t end when bride and groom leave. Our work ends when you receive that smile on their faces after they see memories of their special day, on the images that we captured.

And with appreciation there comes trust. If you, as a client, trust us to capture your special day, you can relax and actually enjoy your wedding day. Relax. If you will, we will as well, and your photos will look great.

Jessica and Brandon.

Like 100% of all our clients, they didn’t know us from before. We are new in town and they didn’t hear about us before, either.  They entrusted us, to capture their wedding. They decided to enjoy and have fun at their wedding day and so did we. And if you don’t believe me, see the photos below.

Everyone can be your ideal/dream client if only they appreciate you as a photographer and your work. We can feel that and we give everything that we can to make your day stressless, regarding photography.

Jessica and Brandon were definitely dream clients to us and I can proudly say, our paths didn’t end up with their wedding. They are two amazing people and we wish them all the best on their path together as husband and wife. Something beautiful it’s already happening, and we are truly so happy for them! <3







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