Edmonton, Alberta


You have probably heard that quote: “Be careful what you wish for”. I was very carefully wishing for this to happen. And my wish came true. 🙂

My business mantra is: Wish for something wonderful to happen. Do what you love. Share that love with the world. Help others. Call your mom/sister/best friend for advice. Rinse and repeat.

When we met with this two lovely ladies, they were so relaxed, kind and easy going, I was instantly dragged into making their photo love story. I should have known. Dajana is a wedding planner and she have a lot of experience making people relaxed and be stressless. 🙂

And if you would like to be so stressless at your wedding here is her website: https://www.sapphosdesign.com


  • Tea Girl, Edmonton
  • Korean Pavilion, Edmonton
  • Government Hill, Edmonton
  • End of the World; Edmonton


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