Branding Photography

Are you tired of feeling invisible in your industry? Are you so over looking like everyone else? Are you craving for images that create connection, energize your brand and bring personality to your business?

As a photographer that moved to Canada three years ago, I know how hard it can be to start a business from scratch and get the right audience. Especially if you are a new kid in town. But luckily I moved to a city where people help each other, good work is being recognized and appreciated. Now it’s my turn to give back. I want to help you and your business to get that recognition and attract clients you want, with images that represent you and your brand.

There is a numerous things you have to know and be aware of when starting your business. Presence of a strong brand is one of them and is imperative these days. Our clients want to know more of who we are, see behind the scenes and make that connection with us.

Photography has become an integral part of this process whether you’re starting your brand from scratch, at the website design stage or wanting to keep your Instagram feed cohesive. The benefits of having a brand photographer are more important than we initially realize. Photography shows who we are and allowed clients to get to know us, they can see the process behind our products and services, shows the results how the final product can benefit our clients and so much more!

Before our session date, I will ask you if you could fill out my “Brand Clarity Questionnaire”, then we’ll grab a coffee and chat about your expectations. We will get to know each other and design a plan of action. From your vision, I will craft ideas and a shot list so on the day of your session we’re organized and get the most our of our time together.

Are you ready?

Let’s get started with filling in this Questionnaire!



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